Function isEqualWith

  • This method is like isEqual except that it accepts customizer which is invoked to compare values. If customizer returns undefined, comparisons are handled by the method instead. The customizer is invoked with up to six arguments: (objValue, othValue [, index|key, object, other, stack]).




    function isGreeting(value) {
    return /^h(?:i|ello)$/.test(value)

    function customizer(objValue, othValue) {
    if (isGreeting(objValue) && isGreeting(othValue)) {
    return true

    const array = ['hello', 'goodbye']
    const other = ['hi', 'goodbye']

    isEqualWith(array, other, customizer)
    // => true

    Type Parameters

    • V1

    • V2


    • value: V1

      The value to compare.

    • other: V2

      The other value to compare.

    • Optional customizer: ((v1?, v2?) => boolean)

      The function to customize comparisons.

        • (v1?, v2?): boolean
        • Parameters

          • Optional v1: V1
          • Optional v2: V2

          Returns boolean

    Returns boolean

    Returns true if the values are equivalent, else false.