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NewDash is a hard fork of the lodash utility project, and re-build it with typescript.

Quick Start


works as you want.

// const { first } = require("@newdash/newdash")
const { first } = require("@newdash/newdash/first") // Compatible with es6 module
// => "a"

ES6 or Typescript

// import { first } from "@newdash/newdash" // load all functions of @newdash
import first from "@newdash/newdash/first" // only load `first` function
// => "a"

Deno Runtime

import from CDN, remember to add .ts suffix.

// import { add } from ""
import { add } from ""

add(1, 2)
// => 3
add('1', '2')
// => '12'
add('1', 2) // different types
// throw error: TS2345 [ERROR]: Argument of type '2' is not assignable to parameter of type '"1"'.

UMD Module (Browser Native)

just introduce script with html.

<script src=""></script>

API Document


  • concurrency/limit - limit concurrency of async operations
  • Mutex - exclusive executing
  • hash - hash js object to stable string (MD5 based)
  • fallback - fallback functions for resilience
  • LRUMap and TTLMap - Map implementations which concern about eviction

Different Release

In most cases, just use the @newdash/newdash package is enough.

  • @newdash/newdash - for modern nodejs environment, ready for all build tools which based on the nodejs commonjs module system (node, react, vuejs, webpack and more).
  • @newdash/newdash-deno - for deno language support, with some transform, like add the '.ts' suffix for modules.
  • @newdash/newdash-es5 - for old nodejs environment, ready for 0.12 <= node version <= 8.
  • @newdash/newdash-es6 - for modern build system, with es6 module keywords so that build tool could strip the unused modules.
  • @newdash/newdash-umd - for native browser without any build system, please access it with unpkg or jsdeliver